Nurturing 5A in Children

To foster children’s comprehensive and balanced development, we scaffold children through free plays, picture book teaching and integrated creative arts courses. Our main objective is help developing the essential skills and talents needed internationally and locally, placing and early focus on their Attitude, Active-learning, Artistic Sensibility, Advocacy and Adaptability. We emphasize biliteracy and trilingualism, therefore we provide English and Putonghua classes to enchance children’s communication ability. In addition, we promote environmental education that cultivates children’s attitude towards protecting and cherishing the nature.

Teaching approach and activities

In order to provide a better language environment, the school offers bilingual classes. Meanwhile, as to enrich students’ learning environment, the school also includes some distinctive rooms or corners, such as the multi-purpose playroom, music room, rock-climbing wall, performance area, creative art gallery and reading corner. It supports children to explore and widen their learning experience in different space. Through multiple teaching strategies and diverse activities, we scaffold children to self-learning through “observe, experience, associate, operate and use.

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